Think 2040

A project of the Roosevelt Campus Network, Think 2040 empowers Millennials to take an active, visionary role in re-imagining and building America's future.


For everything we said that was wrong, imagine a future where we get it right.

Think 2040 is a project of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network that empowers the Millennial generation to be the bold visionaries of their own time.  Beginning with conversations across the country this spring, Think 2040 engages this generation on the issues they care about, challenging them to think boldly and deeply about what it will take to realize their vision.  As the conversation continues, each participant contributes his or her insights to the Blueprint for the Millennial America, a groundbreaking report that will reshape the debate about America's future.

Visit to see today's conversations about our future.

Participants can:

1. Enter their one-sentence vision for 2040 here.

2. Rank the values the best define the America that they want to inherit.

3. Get background on the current situation in America by checking out the Think 2040 curriculum.

4. Tell us their policy priorities here. 

5. List the greatest challenges they face to achieving their vision for the future.

6. Take action to turn the Millennial vision for the future into 2040 reality.

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