New Deal Numerology: Unrecalled

This week's numbers: 3; $30.5 million; 38%; 779; 18%

3... is a revocable number. That’s how many U.S. governors, including Scott Walker, have faced a recall election. Walker is the first to win, making him nearly as impressive as everyone who hasn’t almost been fired due to popular demand.

$30.5 million... is an outsourced number. That’s how much Walker raised, outmatching his opponent eight-to-one. Two-thirds came from outside the state as Wisconsin suddenly became the center of attention for corporate interests other than Big Cheddar.

38%... is a self-destructive number. That’s how many union households voted for Walker, a 1 percent increase from 2010. Since he took away their bargaining abilities, they’ve managed to skip right to acceptance in the stages of grief.

779... is a slim number. That’s the margin of votes that gave Democrats control of the state senate. But it’s not meeting until after the next election, which is a bit like winning a movie-screening pass that gets you in to watch the end credits.

18%... is a diversified number. That’s how many Walker voters also plan to support Barack Obama. They agree with him that we need to finish the job started during his first term; the job they have in mind just happens to be destroying workers' rights.