ND20 Alert: Elizabeth Warren Heads into the Lion’s Den (Again)

The new sheriff is set to give a speech to some bank robbers.

Elizabeth Warren, creator of and adviser to the newly-minted CFPB, has never been one to shy away from those who disagree with her. (See, for example, her tough questions for Tim Geithner’s handling of TARP.) Someone who has as much work ahead as she does in starting up the CFPB might want to take it easy. But not this sheriff.

Tonight she will be the keynote speaker at the Financial Services Roundtable Dinner. There will be 400 people in the audience, including CEOs, bankers, trade associations, as well as Senators and House Members. The Huffington Post recalls that she’s previously called bankers and brokers — a large part of her audience tonight — “financial wizards,” comparing them to bank robbers and accusing them of “looting from middle-class families.” Our money’s on her using similar language to their faces.