January 29

“What you need to know to navigate today’s economic debate.”

His Health Bill Stalled, Obama Juggles an Altered Agenda (NYT)
Feeling the heat from the mid-term elections, the Obama administration will use 2010 to push for job creation and fiscal responsibility, leaving health care reform on the back burner.

Bernanke Wins New Term (WSJ)
Ben Bernanke was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday for a second four-year term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Bernanke May Have Harder Fight Defending Fed After Confirmation (Bloomberg)
Scott Lanman writes of the challenges facing Bernanke as he prepares for another term at the Fed, including legislation that is being introduced to “strip the Fed of bank-supervision powers,” to make it more transparent.

Geithner’s AIG Bailout (TheNation)
Greg Kaufmann’s thorough piece for The Nation examines Geithner’s messy entanglement with AIG, highlighting the mistakes he made a long the way, and how he has come to essentially own the AIG bailout.

The Return of Childish Things (AmericanProspect)
Roosevelt Institute Braintruster Mark Schmitt speculates on Obama’s relationship with the nation, asking whether his progressive agenda may be too much for the electorate to swallow all at once.

Obama Hypocrisy Watch: Obama Rips Lobbyists, Then Gives Them Private Briefings (NakedCapitalism)
In this article by Yves Smith, Obama’s condemning rhetoric surrounding lobbyists is compared to close relationship with them.

A Colossal Failure of Governance: The Reappointment of Ben Bernanke (BaselineScenario)
Simon Johnson weighs in on the reappointment of Bernanke and why this represents a lapse of responsible governance that the Senate’s confirmation process is supposed to protect against.

Can Bashing the Banks Help Obama? (TIME)
Grunwald and Scherer reflect on Obama’s evolving and troubled populist message, assessing it’s utility, even after an unsettling defeat for the Democrats in Massachusetts.