Daily Digest - May 10: The Theory of Evolution

What you need to know to navigate today's most critical debates.

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Obama "evolves" on marriage (Salon)

Glenn Greenwald argues that just as President Obama deserves criticism when he does wrong, he deserves full credit for endorsing same-sex marriage regardless of whether this was a genuine personal evolution or a case of intelligent design.

Mourdock Republicans, embracing dangerous austerity (WaPo)

E.J. Dionne notes that the Tea Party darling who took down Dick Lugar says he wants to keep the U.S. from becoming like Europe, but when it comes to Europe's current austerity policies, Republicans have yet to see an awful idea they don't like.

Government Job Cuts Threaten Black Middle Class (NPR)

Government jobs once offered the security and good pay that helped build the middle class. Now that long national nightmare is over, but the many black Americans who work in the public sector are seeing their dreams slip farther out of reach.

The real reason Romney is struggling with women voters (Reuters)

Amanda Marcotte argues that the gender gap isn't just about the GOP becoming the Transvaginal Probe Party. Women are generally more likely to support social spending and pragmatic policy solutions, and Republicans generally offer neither.

Fannie Mae Posts Profit; Seeks No Aid (NYT)

Annie Lowrey reports that Fannie had a good first quarter and needs no additional bailout money for the first time since 2008, a sign that housing may finally have stabilized. Don't worry about those loud creaking noises; the market's just settling.

House Kills Measure to Fully Fund Mortgage Fraud Task Force (The Nation)

George Zornick highlights a failed proposal to trim NASA funds to provide the full $55 million the Department of Justice has requested for mortgage investigations. Remember this some day when the banks foreclose on our moon colonies.

7 Foreclosure Horror Stories (And One Possible Win) (AlterNet)

Sarah Jaffe notes cases from New York to Los Angeles that remind us that the foreclosure crisis is one of those really special issues that sounds horrible in the aggregate and then gets even worse when you start looking at the specifics.

Principal reductions begin in earnest (Reuters)

As Bank of America begins the principal reductions agreed to in the mortgage settlement, Felix Salmon explores options for dealing with underwater homeowners that would serve lenders better than their trusty "delay, delay, evict" maneuver.

Four Reasons Obama's Super-PAC Is In Trouble (MoJo)

Andy Kroll writes that liberal donors' distaste for attack ads and big money politics and mixed feelings about President Obama's record have meant that donating to leading Obama Super PAC Priorities USA hasn't been a priority... USA.

Memo to Would-Be Members of the 1%: Move to the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic (NYT)

Catherine Rampell flags a new study of economic mobility by state that finds that New York, New Jersey, and Maryland are lands of opportunity, while Louisiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are prime real estate for the downwardly mobile.