• Women and Girls Rising Conference
    The conference, convening policy makers, activists, and academics to discuss women's rights, will take place on September 11 and 12.
  • NextGen Illinois
    A new joint initiative by the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network and Young Invincibles to activate young people to shape a unique policy agenda for the state of Illinois.
  • Next American Economy in 2040
    We brought together 30 experts from various disciplines to envision tomorrow's economic and political challenges and develop today's solutions.
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FDR Library
The FDR Presidential Library and Museum, America's first presidential library, is managed by the National Archives and based at the homestead of Franklin Roosevelt in Hyde Park, NY. The Roosevelt Institute is its nonprofit partner.
Four Freedoms Center
The Four Freedoms Center develops bold ideas that are beyond the narrow parameters of the current political debate. They form the foundation of a New Deal for the 21st century.
Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
Campus Network
A national student initiative that engages new generations in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.
Featured Event
Join the Roosevelt Institute and Academy Award-winning Director Ken Burns for a special screening of his forthcoming film 'The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,' September 8 in New York City.